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Jaia at 7.5

Celebrating Jaia’s half birthday seems crazy to some.  Don’t we spoil our kids enough?  I actually think we do spoil our kids enough.  I’m thankful to live a life that allows me give my children opportunities that I may not have had as a child. I am not embarrassed about that.  I’m not embarrassed about being able to sign my kids up for activities or adding an extra gift or two under the Christmas tree.  I am lucky – we are lucky – and I don’t take that for granted.

What I try my best to focus on, with my kids, is gratitude.  No matter the opportunities afforded to our children, they should be taught to be grateful.  Not just simply uttering the words ‘thank you’.  Though lovely to hear, those words can often be said out of habit.  What I want for my kids is to truly appreciate how lucky they are.  And not only for the shiny new toy, but because they have a hot meal placed on the table every night, and a drawer full of clean clothes when they look for it each morning.

Our kids are lucky.  And mostly, they know it.  A work in progress.

So then you ask, why we celebrate Jaia (and Wesley’s) half birthdays?  Because I think that any reason to celebrate a person and make them feel extra special is reason enough.  And not that I need to defend our decision, but our half birthday parties involve a song and some cake.  No presents.  No guests.  No parties.  Just us acknoledging a fun milestone.

This year Nana and Papoo were in town and we shared a tiny cake for breakfast.  And there was a song.  And suddenly, she’s that much closer to turning 8.  Definitely worth celebrating.

half birthday



July 14, 2014 - 9:28 pm

Mrs. D - They are very lucky to have 2 lovely parents to nurture them along the way!!

July 16, 2014 - 6:14 am

Heather - 7.5!!! That’s insane. How time flies!

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