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At the end of the year I will certainly not get the certificate for least days missed here on the blog.  Does such a certificate exist?  Probably not – but you get the idea.

I’m swamped, People.  Up to my ears in stuff I need to do and almost none of it is getting done.  Throw in the nasty cold that has been kicking our butts since the second week of September and if we’ve got enough clean dishes to use in the morning for breakfast, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I’m trying not to complain.  Much of what has kept me so busy is something I’ve wanted pretty much forever.  I’ve had photography jobs every weekend for sometime now – some of them BIG – and the time it takes to do the shoot and process the photos is mind-blowing.

So while I am doing what I love, it is literally sucking every single spare minute from my life.  I’m kind of excited for a wee break over the winter months when photography jobs tend to dry up a little.

But until then, I need to try to tackle the every day things in a manner that makes sense and that’s a a little bit at a time..  I do not have full days to spend on cleaning anymore.  Nor do I have neat and tidy kids.  Far from it.  Have you seen this?  It is pretty much life at the moment.

So I started looking around for ideas and quickly stumbled upon all of these cleaning schedules that people have so generously published online.  Apparently, if you keep up with it and only spend 30 minutes a day, you can keep your house clean.  30 minutes a day and I get a clean house?  I’m all in.

Here’s one example that I grabbed from the Little Green Notebook:

Doable, right?  I’ll admit that my own version will not look exactly like this, but i feel like it is worth a try.  Having a schedule to follow will also help the kids get involved as they both seem to be allergic to any form of cleaning.  As in, a run for the hills kind of allergic.  A clean and they will die kind of allergic.

It being Monday, I can’t think of a better day to start.  I’d better run.  I have some deep vacuuming to start.

What are your tips and tricks for keeping the house somewhat tidy?  Any time-savers you want to share?  Any offers to come clean my house for me (I’m only half kidding.)

October 15, 2012 - 3:05 pm

Julie - I like this Shan, thanks for posting. I’m still at home (though looking for my sanity, I mean a job) and I find it hard to keep up with the mess of two five year olds. Oh, and the swing day chores? Those are likely to happen once a year around here! Good luck with all of your endeavours and remember, your children are happy, healthy (save for the colds) and most importantly loved. Everything can wait.

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