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Apparently you can go back again…And again…

Almost 7 years ago, Dan and I were married at Beantown Ranch.  All summer and fall long, this go-above-and-beyond venue hosts weddings every single weekend.  And they are GOOD at it.   Were you at our wedding?  It was fun, right?  And the food….so good.

But before they were a wedding venue, they did maple syrop.  In fact, that is where the name Beantown comes from.  Their specialty was a maple syrupy bean concoction that they were famous for.  So, in the spring, they do a fantastic cabane a sucre (or a sugar shack for all you non-Ottawans), a maple syrup inspired meal, a hayride and some tire (or taffy – sue me, I grew up in Quebec).

Mmmm…Maple syrop….

Anyway, last year we went for brunch as a family of four, our first return since that cool day in May when we got ourselves hitched.  Wes was still wee and I remember it being COLD that day.  But the food was warm and delish and we had such a good time that we decided then and there that we would make a tradition out of it.

This year we included my mom who happened to be in town.  Another change from last year?  The weather.  This year it was warm, and sunny and beautiful.  Did I mention warm?

So we ate.  We played.  We threw rocks in the lake.

The owner, who was also in charge 7 years ago, still remembers us.  The last two years when Dan has called to make reservations, she hears his name and immediately gets excited that we are coming back.  She remembers our names, our faces and small details from our wedding.  I don’t care who you are – someone remembering you after knowing you for only a short time so long ago makes you feel good.  Memorable.  I like that.  Thank you, Genevieve.

The property has changed a bit.  They’ve added a room here, a building there, but for the most part, very much the same.  And it’s so neat for Jaia to look around and recognize parts of it from our wedding photos – like the little island where we had our first dance.

I feel so lucky that we get to visit Beantown every year.  We enjoy our time there so much, that with family coming to town this weekend, we’ve decided to go back again for another fantastic and filling maple feast.  And more tire…

April 8, 2012 - 6:23 am

Auntie Lizzie - Glad we had a chance to go back this weekend! Soooooo yummy and fun 🙂

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