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Tree Hugger

Quite literally.

My little gal takes after her mama.  She recycles and composts everything she can.  She’s adamant that others do it too – “to save our planet”.

But the truth is, I can’t take all the credit.  A year ago or so, Jaia watched Toy Story 3.  Great movie.  If you haven’t seen it, I apologize in advance for the spoiler, but at a certain point, the toys find themselves in quite the predicament – on a conveyor belt that takes trash to an incinerator.  To a little kid, the thought of the toys burning is terrifying.

Ever since that day, we are not allowed to throw anything out.  Anything.  Paper.  Socks with holes in them.  Empty loot bags.  Broken crayons.  All forbidden.  Because of they are thrown out, they’ll be burned.  We actually have to hide what we throw away from her.  And heaven forbid I get caught like I did the other day when she spied a broken Tinkerbell light up fairy thing with a broken wing in the trash.  Big. Trouble.

It’s kind of win/win though, isn’t it?  She recycles (and saves the planet in the process) and paper, holey socks and broken crayons don’t get burned to a crisp – until she’s not looking, that is.  Out of sight, out of mind.

(For the record, we’ve explained to her that all garbage is not burned, but she’s sticking to this one.  I’m a ‘pick your battle’ kind of gal and this one isn’t worth fighting…for now.  😉




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