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Misunderstandings of the sweetest kind


In the car on Saturday to pick up our Christmas tree, I remind Jaia that we’ll be putting the tree on the roof (to get it home).

-No, she cried.  We can’t put it on the roof.

-But we have to, I explained.  There’s no room inside for a tree.  Where would it go?

-But no, I don’t want it on the roof.  It’s cold outside.

-I know, but trees live outside, so it won’t be cold.

Saddened, she looked away.  A few minutes later she looked back and asked:

-How will we get it on the roof?  Will Daddy put it up there?

-Yes, I answered.  Anyone who buys a real tree puts it on the roof .

Even more saddened, she looked at me and asked, But how will we get our presents off the roof?



We attended our local Santa Claus Parade on Saturday.  The weather was perfect and with some sneaky moves, we were able to get some prime seating.  About halfway through, a float went by and Jaia starts saying, “Frank Sinatra!  Look, it’s Frank Sinatra!!  I have to go home and tell Nana that Frank Sinatra was at the parade!!!”

I look up to see a float driving by with Elvis shaking his pelvis up on the front.  Elvis, not Frank Sinatra, but both loved by her Nana and therefore interchangeable.  And adorable.

Happy Monday!!



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