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OAFe Award: The FURminator


That is not Julius hiding in the bag, it is just a giant ball of his fur. Fur, that had we not brushed it off of him, would have ended up on our beautiful dark hardwood floor. And Julius was victim number 2. Humph was first in line to be brushed with our new gadget. Thankfully Dan did the brushing outside, sparing the house of airborne tufts, much the chagrin of the rest of the neighbourhood.

You see, Dan got the best thing a pet-owner could ever want for his birthday: The FURminator. It’s this AMAZING pet brush that removes more hair off the animals than I’ve ever seen before. We first saw it at our local pet shop where they were displaying the brush and a video to show you how it worked. I scoffed. It had to be fake. There’s no way a brush could do that.

But then, in Virginia, I met a crazy lady (with a dog that looked like the blond version of Humphrey) who had just purchased her very own FURminator. She grabbed it from her house to show me and my jaw hit the ground. It was awesome. As she brushed, giant clumps of hair were coming off her dog and he loved every minute of it. At that moment, I knew we had to have one.

In Canada, these brushes retail for more than I would spend on any brush, but after finding it online for much cheaper, and after listening to me talk about the possibility of having less pet hair Chez Fullerton, my parents decided to buy it for Dan as one of his birthday gifts. It sounds like a crappy thing to receive as a gift, but knowing how happy Dan would be with fewer tumbleweeds floating around our house, I knew he’d love it. And he does.

And so does Humph. And Julius too. We are both afraid to try it on Roxy – she has claws and is grumpy – but we’ll get her eventually. Our house will soon be much less hairy. If only they made them for human hair… 😐

So, if you have pets that shed, get yourself a FURminator. Spend the money. It will make you happy. Take my word for it.

April 7, 2007 - 2:50 pm

Alicia - Where can I get one? Just google furminator? I’m sort of worried about what will pop up.

Grassland could certainly use a little less fur.

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