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Kitchen gadgets. I love them. I love finding something simple to make a ‘complicated’ task…easier. I’m a believer. And yes, I have a Magic Bullet and I love it too.  It gets a daily work-out.

I’ve amassed quite a collection of kitchen gadgets over the years, too. Our tool drawer (read: junk drawer) actually takes up three. And they are overflowing. But they are awesome. And worth the space they take up. Or, some of them are, anyway.

Not that you care, but I’ve enjoyed a few so much lately, that I’m feeling the need to sing their praises. Here are my recent top three:

1) Mango slicer

Cutting mangoes sucks. They are slimy, slippery and compared with that enormous pit, there’s barely any edible fruit in there. The slicer makes cutting magoes simple. And much to the disbelief of observers, it is no fail. Or it has never failed for me in the 127 times I’ve used it. (We love mangoes).

The only negative I’ve found so far is that the slicer dulls over time. This doesn’t render it useless, but it does make it a little less functional. Just sayin’.

2) Avocado keeper

I’m as surprised as you are. Avocados are more popular than mangoes with the Fullertons, so after having to throw out the uneaten half over 50% of the time, I was willing to try anything. And this one looked beyond gimmicky.

I was almost embarrassed to buy it and to show it to Dan who, as suspected, rolled his eyes at me for my latest purchase.

BUT IT WORKS! It works well. There is a tiny bit of browning, but compared with putting it in a baggy, a tupperware or squeezing some lemon on it, this gadget rocks. Our use of the second half of the avocado has increased significantly.

And last, but definitely not least…

3) Egg timer

Ok, we also eat a lot of eggs. It is definitely a staple in my diet, but the kids like them too. In an effort to manage my time better, I will often boil a few ahead of time so I can grab one on the go.

But I’m also forgetful. I’ll forget to notice when I started boiling them or how long they’ve been boiling. This gadget is not foolproof. No alarm sounds when they are ready. Nor will it scream at you when you’ve started boiling the eggs, but it does give me peace of mind that they are at least cooked when I take them off the stove.


And now for the giant FAIL.  As many of these awesome and useful kitchen gadgets that enjoy,I also find myself with some big losers.  The most recent are the Eggies.

I will say that they do exactly as they claim to do.  They hard boil eggs and there is no shell to peel away.  BUT there are 4 pieces to clean for each egg that you boil.  For me, cracking the shell and peeling it is 1000 times easier than putting the 4 pieces together, cracking the egg in, boiling it and then CLEANING all the pieces.  If you are lazy like Yours Truly, steer clear of these little guys.

Now it’s your turn.  Any faves out there you care to share?  I still have a bit of space in drawer number 3…Just don’t tell Dan.  He doesn’t read this, does he?

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