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For the most part they get along great. But it’s on her terms – and as long as he isn’t in her way, touching her Barbie dolls, making too much noise and, of course,  not getting more attention from us.

But part of the problem is their age gap. While not HUGE, 3.5 years is enough that there is almost nothing they can really do together. She’ll do a craft and he’ll colour on it sending her into a fury. She’ll play with play dog and he’ll try to eat it. She pull out a board game and he’ll walk away with half of the pieces.

We solve most of the issues by playing outside. There’s plenty to do at the park or the local splash pad without any squabbles, but on these super hot days where we are hiding inside, there is very little that seems to keep them both happy.

What are your secret tools and tricks to keep your little ones happy and occupied together?

Today we resorted to bringing the wagon inside where we decided to go on a safari. Stuffed animals placed strategically where we could see them from our wagon as we cruised around. They loved it and it killed an hour as we waited for Dan to come home. And sometimes those are the longest hours…


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