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Kamping at the KOA


Do you enjoy kamping, but sometimes feel like the preparation needed for an all-out excursion is just too much for one weekend? Sure, you enjoy roughing it occasionally, sitting in the dirt, miles from the nearest toilet, food hanging in a tree (to keep it away from the bears, of kourse), and feeling one with nature. These are good times. These are times that are good for your soul. But every once in awhile, you should give some thought to a different form of kamping. The type that komes with a lodge, klean bathrooms, and even a meal, if you want it. The type that requires nothing more than your tent, a kooler with your snacks and drinks, and the willingness to have some good times, sandwiched in between other good time-seekers. Sound good? Look no further, people. KOA to the rescue.


Last summer, Kurt and I headed out to the local KOA for a night on a random long weekend. We had no expectations and, to tell you the truth, I was less than enthusiastic about going. In fact, we were so not into it that all we showed up with were our sleeping bags, some koolers and some kookies. As it turns out, this is all we needed. Mind you, our friends are somewhat “resourceful”, providing us with a tent and air mattress, but a quick scan of the place showed us that there was not much else needed to fully enjoy all of the amenities that the KOA has to offer. We enjoyed these amenities so much that we ended up staying for a second night, and vowed to return again. Which we did…just last weekend.

And what are those amenities, you ask?



For starters, the kampground is an L-shape, with trailers, kampers and motorhomes lining one arm, and the tents and kottages lining the other. Kottages are, essentially, wooden tents. The two sections hug a pond-ish lake, which in August was great for swimming. This was not so much true in May.


Worried about missing the game? Fear not. Angela and Dave (or whoever), will haul out their big screen TV and amplifiers, so that the entire kampground kan enjoy the game in rustic luxury. Kid kan’t swim? Rent a kayak or better…a kanoe. Don’t feel like lighting your own kampfire? The kids next to you are spraying bug spray into theirs and have kultivated a huge flame…go join in the fun! Forget something? Wal-Mart is but a quick kar ride away. Feel like some entertainment? The hippies at the end of the tent row are throwing an impromptu wedding between batches of brownies…go check out the local wildlife!

It does not get better than this.

In all honesty, I am more of an “out-of-the-way” kind of kamper. In fact, I am more of a “let’s go on a big hike first and see where we end up at twilight” kind of kamper. But occasionally, after work on a Friday, you just want to get out and sleep under the stars. Thanks to the “kamping for dummies” platform of our local KOA, this is a possibility. And we have never not had a good time.

My recommendations:

Tent site #85 & 86 are HUGE and at the end of the row. This is a good thing.

Tent site #75 is right beside the beach. However, it is also right beside everybody else at the kampground.

Pancake breakfast on Sundays: $5 (2 pancakes, 2 sausages, coffee, juice)
Spaghetti dinner on Saturdays: $8

Should you choose to do an early morning run along the pretty kountry road, keep in mind that said road is HILLY, which means you kan eat more marshmallows later on.

If you see a woman in the washroom with long black hair, try to refrain from entering into konversation with her, unless you have a good half hour to spare and feel like listening to stories of working “up north”. Trust me when I say that this is more painful than it sounds.

KOA = Kamping Kare-Free for You and Me.

May 30, 2007 - 2:27 pm

Shannen - I love Kontributor Kris.

May 31, 2007 - 9:47 am

EAP - What was the point of klosing down your blog if you’re just going to be a guest kontributor on another one, Kris? 😉

I kan attest to the inkredible allure of the KOA Kampground. I grew up spending part of every summer vakation at Kampgrounds of Amerika frankhises throughout the US Upper Midwest in the 60’s. I kut my kamping teeth at KOAs in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wiskonsin and Mikhigan.

It was a kompromise between my parents. My dad was a huge fan of kamping and my mom was less than enthusiastik. The kompromise was to find a place that had a tukk shop, rekreation hall, swimming pool, elctrikal outlets, hot showers, running water, and all the stuff that you weren’t really supposed to have if you were really going kamping. It worked for me. Where else kould a kid learn to play snooker by day and sleep under the stars every night?

Those trips to KOA made me appreciate what a great kountry we have to the south of us. Only in Amerika. And now, evidently, avaiable in Kanada!

May 31, 2007 - 1:45 pm

Kristin - Even though I feel as though I don’t kurrently have the mind full of blogging ideas that I used to, I do still okkasionally get the hankering to blog. Dan and Shan have graciously permitted me to do so on forgetful. The Blakk Swede has not died…she’s just taking a blogging breather.


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