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Hump Day

Wednesday is not my favourite day of the week, not by a long shot, but this one is fairing pretty well so far – and it’s only 9:25 am.

The reasons are:

1)  I just got a raise.  An unexpected raise, no less.  Excellent.

2)  Only one more day of getting up before 5 am before the weekend when Dan, the regular early morning dog-walker, returns from his Asian travels. 

3)  ANTM is on tonight, and I can watch it guilt free, with only Humph and the cats around to offer silent criticism.

4)  I’m wearing comfortable pants.

5)  Even after two walks this morning, it turned out to be a good hair day (in my opinion).

6)  I’m excited about my lunch…Mmm.

7)  My work week is officially more than half over.

8)  It’s going up to 15 degrees today.

Ok…Maybe the day isn’t that fab…I can only think of these 8 reasons when my goal was to get to 10.  If I think of any more, or if any other amazing things happen, I’ll let you know.  My guess is that she’ll hold steady at 8.

October 19, 2006 - 9:13 am

Mike Machargo...the Macharg - Hey Shan,
I think its good for you, those are some pretty gnarly reasons to like Wednesday. I’m thinking you shoudl see if Thursday can compare to it…like a little competition?

Most importantly…right on about the good hair day!

Mike the Mexican

October 21, 2006 - 12:30 pm

liz - Congrats on the RAISE!!!! That’s reason enough to make a Wednesday a good day 🙂

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