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Day 18 – The first in a long line…

The other day, Jaia and I walked over to the store with a freezie (a.k.a. a distraction) in hand.  Hers was berry, mine was apple flavoured.  We were enjoying ourselves and having an excellent chat.  AS we rounded the corner, a raised sidewalk sent Jaia flying. She scraped her knee and hands and was terribly sad.  In fact, the tears were bigger and heavier than they should be for the small scrape on her knee.

I tried to console her but she was having none of it.  Kisses from mama proved fruitless.  I finally realized that it wasn’t pain that was upsetting her.  Between devastated sobs she asked me if her skin was still on the ground outside.

It caught me off guard.  I had never thought about it that way.  And really, why wouldn’t she think that?  I love, love, love the way her beautiful mind works.  She so innocently helps me see things in a brand new way so often…

I also have to admit that we’ve been having a little fun with the scrape.  We have Jaia convinced that her boo boo is in the shape of a crown.  A princess crown.  And she’s eating it up and telling everyone (strangers included) about her crown-shaped scrape – because only real princesses scrape themselves in the shape of a crown.

I should put a pea under her mattress and see what happens…


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