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Friday Goodness – May 7th

It’s Friday.  And that’s good.  Here are some other good things that are making me happy today:

1.  LILACS – They are in bloom.  Everywhere you look.  And the scent!  It reminds me of when I was a kid.  I just absolutely adore it.

In the last house we lived, the first thing I planted in our first spring there was a lilac bush.  It was tiny and I knew I’d never see it flower.  When we moved the year later, it was still just finding it’s roots.  No blooms.  In this house, we planted another lilac bush in a primo spot last spring and, lo and behold, she produced some flowers!  They are beautiful and no surprise here, they smell magnificent.

2. COUNTDOWNS – Or, should I say, coming to the end of a long anticipated countdown.  Frank the Baby is almost here and that makes me happy.  It’s weird (to me, at least) how slow a pregnancy passes at the same time that it is flying by.  I’m amazed that I’ve already been growing this bean for over 9 months.  I cannot wait to meet him.

3.  MOTHER’S DAY – Since my mom is in town, we decided to celebrate tomorrow instead of insanity Sunday when every restaurant in town is fully booked.  (Smart, eh?  It was Dan’s idea).  So off to the Chateau Laurier we go.  I’ve never eaten there and am already excited to indulge.

4.  HIDDEN TALENTS – It won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but Dan is good at what he does.  No matter what project he takes on, he excels.  Take the kitchen, for instance.  Or anything he’s had to repair.  Or assemble.  So when we decided to try to take a few maternity pictures and my favourite photographer was unavailable on a tropical island somewhere, Dan offered.  Or, make that, I asked and he agreed.

We went out to one of my favourite spots and he began to shoot.  I provided a little instruction, but barely any.  The result was awesome.  I was shocked when we got home and popped the memory card into the laptop.

One of my faves:

I just wish he’d enjoy photography as much as I do.  What fun it would be if he came along on my photoshoots willingly rather than after having been made to feel guilty…

5.  KEEPING UP MY END OF THE BARGAIN – On February 17 I wrote my 800th post.  Today’s is number 850.  It hasn’t been a daily thing, but my blogging has improved.  Substantially.  And it’s actually been refreshing.  I plan to keep it up as long as you keep reading.  😉

May 10, 2010 - 9:44 am

Alicia - I want to see the rest of the pictures!

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