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Friday Goodness

Friday again.  I don’t know how it happened, but this week just FLEW by.  Not that I’m complaining.

Let’s get to it.

1. DADDY-JAIA DAYS –  With work and renos taking up the majority of Dan’s time over the last few months, he has had very little time to spend with just Jaia.  Short grocery trips or errands to run don’t count.  They barely get quality time together, without me tagging along.  But this Friday sees them having the whole day to themselves, sans Mama.  I am on course all day and they will have all day to catch up.  They are going to have a blast.  And yes, I’m jealous.

2.  PAID PHOTOGRAPHY – I’ve been bursting at the seams with this one.  I took some headshots for a friend’s workplace and her boss liked them so much he hired me to shoot the rest of the staff and to take some promotional shots to be featured in their window!  I’m over the moon.  Seriously.   (Huge thanks to Sarah for setting up the meeting and for singing my praises.  You are quite the cheerleader, my friend!)

3.  WEEKEND SURPRISES – Somehow, some way, I was able to orchestrate a MAJOR surprise for Dan’s birthday weekend.  And better yet, I was able to keep it to myself and  not spill the beans about it until the right moment.  And the right moment rocked this afternoon when I walked in the house, followed closely by Crispy, one of Dan’s best friends and the best man at our wedding.  Dan’s face was priceless.  I thought for sure he had an inkling, but apparently not.  I love a good surprise.  Especially when I’m the one doing the surprising…

4.  KIDS IN BIG SUNGLASSES – Jaia insisted on wearing my sunglasses the other day as we ventured out.  She has her own super adorable ones that actually fit her, but mine were more appealing for whatever reason.

5.  BABY KICKS – There are some things about pregnancy that I could do without – especially at this point in the pregnancy.   But no matter what, I will never, ever tire of baby kicks. In the ribs, in the bladder, anywhere.  I’m loving every single one of them.  Keep it up, Baby Frank.

Happy last Friday in March!!

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