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This morning at 9:30 am I dropped my baby off at her first preschool class.  She was brave as can be until I opened the door to the class and she stopped dead.  I basically had to pull her through to the other side.  She immediately hid behind my legs and my heart sank.  We'd been talking up the experience and I thought she would be excited rather than terrified.  But I saw terror in her eyes. Thankfully, after a quick pep talk and a reminder that I would be right outside (a lie, but a necessary lie), she warmed up.  The nametag with the pink star sticker helped, too.  She went over to play with a doll castle with some other kids and I stood back by the door to watch for a few seconds.  A man struck up a conversation with me, asking if it was Jaia's first day.  I answered yes as I watched my big girl doing just fine without me.  I don't know what h said next that hit me so hard, but I had to quickly end the conversation to head out to the car where I CRIED LIKE A BABY.  For a full 5-10 minutes.  Yes, I was THAT girl. I finally regained composure and drove to the gym, as originally planned.  I had a great work out, but stared at my phone almost the entire time.  And not surprisingly, it never rang. At 11:15, I headed back to pick up the bean.  When she saw me her face lit up, she ran toward me with arms wide open and gave me the biggest hug she could.  And then taking my hand, she firmly told me that she wanted to stay.  All my anxiety and nervousness instantly turned to pride.  I was beaming with it. It took a few minutes, but I was able to convince her to come home with me and that we'd come back next week.  Our car ride was filled with awesome stories of new friends and fun adventures.  I became all misty again as I realized that we had officially entered a new phase, one where she doesn't need her Mama as much as she did just a little while ago.  I can't believe we are already here. Up next, ballet class tomorrow.  This is one I'm not worried about.  She's been practicing and dressing the part for months.  I'll have an update tomorrow night. Some obligatory first day pictures (mostly for the grandparents but also because I love them):
January 14, 2010 - 9:16 am

Carole - That is so precious! I’m misty eyed now..:O)

January 14, 2010 - 9:55 am

Dominik - very cute, it always shows how fast time really flies by – and soon she is going to have her 1st driving lessons (with me) …

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