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Happy birthday, Mom.

A beautiful milestone for a beautiful lady, then and now.  We love you.  xoxoView full post »


Dan’s birthday is at the end of the month.  In order to really pull off a surprise, it had to be nowhere near theView full post »

The Great Cookie Cat-astrophe

I’m finally ready to talk about it…but just barely ready.   When planning Jaia’s 1st birthday partyView full post »

Gifts for two.

Dan bought me a pair of shoes I’ve been wanting for quite some time.  A definite throw-back to my youth, I’View full post »

The birthday party montage…

We had Jaia’s birthday party on Tuesday.  The very Tuesday that brought yet another mountain of snow in OttawaView full post »

Belated blog birthday wishes

I’ve been crazy busy lately.  I know, it sounds a bit nuts seeing as I don’t spend every day in an officeView full post »

November surprises.

Almost a year ago, I anxiously reported that Lisa D., one of my most favourite people, was coming to town to celebrateView full post »

Jenny, Jenny!

Happy Birthday!  Get into trouble.  Eat dirt. Question:  Is the gift supposed to arrive on your birthday or just beView full post »

Happy Birthday Baretta!

You guys aren’t home, so we have to send our birthday greetings over the inter-web. Hope you had a great day!View full post »

Day 190 – Happy Birthday Nana!

This was our attempt to send birthday wishes to you in Beijing.  Jaia had other ideas in mind.  We hope your birthdayView full post »

Day 164 – Back with a new favourite…

…and just in time for Pappy’s birthday.  Jaia sends her love, and so do her mom and dad.View full post »

Dan’s bullets.

Thanks to all involved for the celebration on birthday +1 day. The Brazilian steakhouse was everything I had hoped. ForView full post »

Birth Days.

Dan turns 31 today. It’s a big day for him. One he gets to spend on a airplane, surrounded by people he has neverView full post »

Birthday Celebrations

My dad has two grandchildren.  Avery, my brother Jason’s little girl, and Jaia.  It was obviously coincedenceView full post »