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Nanook needs to meet new people.

I love ebay … Guided tour of one of Canada’s greatest cities for your garden gnome or stuffed animal! (NoteView full post »

Voices from the past predicting the present

I remember putting together a time capsule in grade 5 at Ecole St. Paul in Saskatoon … to be opened in The YearView full post »

Ni hao from Fuzhou

Greetings from China. Mao says hello with a wave. I’m experiencing all you’d expect: Interesting foods,View full post »

A girl’s best friend:Part deux

I decided that since I can’t prove the existence of the blister stick using Google – I would just take artsyView full post »

A girl’s best friend.

If you’ve ever suffered from summer sandal/shoe ravaged feet, raise your hand.  Yeah, that’s what I figuredView full post »

As he scampered off I think I heard a faint “Free at last!”…

Last night we had to say goodbye to an old friend.  I have to admit, it wasn’t easy.  Dan came upstairs andView full post »

My favourite cartoon.

I watched a fair share of cartoons growing up …. Saturday morning was a ritual involving a giant cushion, aView full post »

Poor Kenny

I am a Kenny Rogers fan. The Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits album with The Gambler, Lady, Coward of the County, and otherView full post »

Funny place names and fun with search

Shannen and I are shopping for a new house. Ottawa isn’t as crazy as Calgary, but we’re still looking atView full post »

Where’s the apostrophe?

Taken from a daily investment newsletter I receive from Canaccord Capital … For those who don’t know, theView full post »

The thetans made me do it

Scientology. Where do I begin? There is so much to say. The South Park episode that tells Scientology’s actualView full post »

Indispensible tool for useful people

In Manhatten? Need your celebrity sighting fix? This and a mobile way to access it will send you on a tour like no otherView full post »

The Great Quake of 2006

Who knew? We are evidently in an active seismic zone, as we experienced our first earthquake on Friday night. We were inView full post »

Sheer Genius!

I wish this had really happened. I think we all do.View full post »