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5 things…

Recently, I asked Dan a very important and non-hypothetical question.  “If a major natural disaster was aboutView full post »

To make you feel lazy.

Dan: 0 marathons in 11101 days This guy: 48 marathons in the past 47 days I’m sure I have him beat in the “View full post »

File this under ‘Sucks To Be You’.

Last week, a man in Montreal woke up to find that he and his wife had the winning numbers to the 42 million dollar LottoView full post »

Links du jour

Interview with Dwight Schrute of Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton office. Google trends – see how popular different searchView full post »

Canada’s not this bad. Yet.

Hospital in the UK fined for treating patients too quickly.View full post »

Gullible me

When I was little, summer weekends were often spent in Lachute, QC at my grandparent’s country house. It was on aView full post »

Spock singing about hobbits

Gotta love the stuff you find on youtube. The Ballad of Bilbo BagginsView full post »


Some monkeys are cute. Others aren’t.View full post »

The decline of Detroit

Detroit was my first taste of Americana, though I’ve never been there. For reasons I can only guess at,View full post »

Red paperclip update

Check out this ebay post. Why don’t people bid on my zany posts? And stay updated on their move to Kipling at KyleView full post »

Pickles can be used to show you care.

I like pickles more than the average bloke. Relish (a pickle derivative) is one of my favourite condiments, and a niceView full post »

Muffins are an excuse to eat cake for breakfast.

Tim Horton’s nutrition guide lets us in on a secret that MUFFINS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW! Tim’s RaisinView full post »

Kipling and Red Paperclips.

Remember the guy who started out with a red paperclip to trade, with the eventual goal of trading up to a house? Well,View full post »

2006 2006, and a modest proposal

Today is June 20, 2006, or by some date formats 20-06-2006, or 20062006. A few weeks ago, it was 6-06-2006. No matterView full post »