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Day 284 – Longing for warmer days

There’s been a lot of this around these parts.  Spring, we are anxiously awaiting your arrival.View full post »

Day 283 – On the move

Our boy is active.  He has been on the move at about 6.5 months, but he is fast now.  FAST. Walking isn’t farView full post »

Day 282 – Rides

Jaia will push him around and around in the laundry hamper as long as he will let her.  They make pit stops fore toys,View full post »

Day 278 – Cheeks.

Plump.  Rosy.  So kissable.View full post »

Day 277 – Craftin' with my girl

For Valentine’s Day, why not pull out an old favourite to create some festive decor.  This is one we all overdidView full post »

Day 276 – Afternoon glow

The light in our new family room is amazing.  The window is huge and the room is bright, even on the most overcast dayView full post »

Day 275 – Snooooooooooze

After a long, busy day of playing, this little dude needed to sleep.  And rather than waiting for the comfort of hisView full post »

Day 274 – Winterlude

Jaia’s class went on a field trip to Winterlude.  Wes and I tagged along, and since I couldn’t actuallyView full post »

Day 272 – Simple elephant costume

This girl is nothing if she’s not creative.  With no real elephant costume to slip into while acting out a play,View full post »

Day 271 – After school shopping trip

After picking the girl from school, we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  Wes sat up front in theView full post »

Day 270 – A Polly Pocket kind of day.

You can just imagine that Jaia was less than impressed.View full post »