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Day 303 – Ten

Wesley, You are a little stinker.  For the last 10 months you made sure that we couldn’t concentrate on almostView full post »

Day 302 – Camping

Ok.  So it’s indoors, and it’s daytime.  But there’s something about hanging out in the tent thatView full post »

Day 299 – First Words

I feel like it is too soon to be talking about first words but here we are. Time just flies way, way, way, way toView full post »

Day 297 – Les boys

Seriously, could they be any more gorgeous?View full post »

Day 296 – THE boots

Jaia got a pair of boots from her Grandma Lois for Christmas.  We went shopping at Zara and after seeing them, sheView full post »

Day 295 – Chow hound

Wes LOVES food.  There hasn’t been anything that we’ve introduced that he hasn’t gobbled up.  HeView full post »

Day 292 – Tuesday morning

How my day is going so far….View full post »

Day 289 – 5 Saturdays ago

One of the things lingering on my ‘meaning to do’ list has been to blog about the first time I heard my boyView full post »

Day 288 – Tiny Dancer

Today Jaia took part in her school’s Dance-a-thon.  There was a 15 minute time slot where the JK kids wereView full post »

Day 287 – Keeping my word.

I finally did it.  I gathered up all the photos I’d been taking and not posting over the last few weeks andView full post »

Day 286 – Finally…

I experienced a little bump in the road this week…a dead computer.  Just as I was ready to try to catch up on myView full post »