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Day 342 – So…

Remember the spring of 2011? Yeah, me too.  It lasted for about a day and a half, and then we ‘welcomed back&#View full post »

Day 341 – Stylin’

Jaia knows what she likes.  She’s very specific about what she wears to school every day and no amount of coaxingView full post »

Day 340 – Piano Man

If Wes hears anyone playing the piano in our house, he drops what he’s doing and races to the playroom to ‘View full post »

Day 338 – Sock weather

I just want to wear flip flops.  Flip flop weather means sunshine, warm air, skirts, sand between the toes, picnics andView full post »

Day 334 – Chowhound

This kid loves to eat.  LOVES to eat.  And the messier the better.View full post »

Day 333 – The three of us

An attempt at a self-portrait.  The technique could use some work, but at least the subjects are adorable.  😉View full post »

Day 332 – Thinking outside the box

Instead of putting on a bib (bibs are for babies – are we seeing a trend around here?), Little Miss decided sheView full post »

Day 331 – A familiar scene around here…

No matter how hard I try, I can’t get Jaia to nap in the afternoon.  I’ve tried being sweet about it.  I&#View full post »

Day 329 – It’s that time again.

Fire up the grill, it is BBQ season – at last!!!View full post »

Day 328 – Best.

A rare but much loved walk home from school with her dad.View full post »