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She was born on the very last day of the year, which makes her the youngest in her class, of  all her friends, andView full post »

Heavy Medal

Today was kind of amazing.  Jaia got to meet Melissa Tancredi, one of the members of the bronze medal winning CanadianView full post »

First Day of School 2012

So it came.  I talked about my anxiety and my excitement about today here and here.  Grade One and the first day ofView full post »

Grade One

Please allow me just one more (ok, 2 more) posts about our transition into grade one.  This is huge for me, People.  View full post »

The other day Jaia pulled out our copy of ‘The Giving Tree’ (Thanks, Auntie Shirley) and read it to me fromView full post »

Jaia’s Fifth birthday

Yes, you read that right.  Months ago, I promised a proper post for Jaia’s birthday.  And, like more things thanView full post »

Two amigos

This week, with big sister away all day, Wesley and I have been like the two amigos. So far, it’s been fun.  ButView full post »

And then…

Sometimes, when I least expect it, when the day is at it’s roughest, this happens.  And then all is right in theView full post »

Look at them now – 5.5 and 2

In keeping with the theme of posting late, I thought I’d better get these gems up as well before they outdateView full post »

Proud doesn’t begin to describe…

She woke up and you could tell she already felt different.  She seemed different. She reminded her little brother thatView full post »


A copy of Jaia’s school newsletter arrived today.  Her last of the year.  June 2012.  As I read it through, itView full post »

Just super.

For his birthday gift, a cape and mask.  And one for his sister, too.  Hours of imaginative play and many, many, manyView full post »

To my girl…

A letter to you, at five. Jaia, you are five years old.  You are no longer a little baby, a toddler or even aView full post »

Just reminding myself…

…that they love each other. On the days when they are trying to plot each other’s demise, I need to rememberView full post »