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‘Round here

Life is good. It seems like we’ve finally found a balance.  After a few months of feeling like I was drowning, IView full post »


On the day AFTER Father’s Day (because that’s how I roll) I wanted to say thank you.  An enormous, giant,View full post »

Mother’s Day

A day late and a dollar short. Mother’s Day snuck up on me this year.  I was completely unprepared.  Cards,View full post »

Day 230 – Holiday naps

Is there anything better?  Anything at all? Though there are no pictures to prove it, even I took a nap or two while atView full post »

Day 199 – Here comes Santa Claus

This year, for the first since jaia was born, we were able to make it to the Santa Claus parade.  It was freezing andView full post »

Day 192 – Traditions

This year there won’t be lights strung outside the house or a sparkling Christmas tree lit up in the corner of theView full post »

Day 177 – The recent past

To say I’ve been busy lately is an understatement.  Since Wes arrived, free time has been in short, very limitedView full post »

Day 170 – Halloween: Part Three

The real deal.  Finally, after all the test runs, it was time to put the costume to the test.  Except we didn’tView full post »

Day 169 – Halloween: Part Two

My brother and his wife had a Halloween party for the second year in a row.  These two go all out in costume andView full post »

Day 168 – Halloween: Part One

Good guess on the costume, gals!  My girl was indeed the Paper Bag Princess.  And a perfect one at that.  DanView full post »

Day 166 – Costume construction

For Jaia, Halloween lasts three days long and we are in mad costume prep to get ready.  It begins with some trick orView full post »


Birthday to my beautiful niece, Avery! Jaia and I literally spent the entire day  outside.  We lunched, we played andView full post »

Christmas Day

Wow.  Santa is one generous guy.  Jaia made out with a ton of loot.  A literal ton.  But she’s been havingView full post »