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Hard to beat…

I went into this past weekend knowing it would be busy, but didn’t know how satisfying all the *busy* would beView full post »

Now it can be told…

I’ve been holding this one in for WAY too long!  Our good friends, Claudia and Ted, are expecting their ownView full post »

Missing In Action

Our friend Jason Wiens has been in Iraq for work for far too long.  He was sent there for the summer and has since hadView full post »

Big news around these parts!!!!

Our very good friends, Contributor Mark and Sonja Lasagna, are getting hitched! It’s not that it was a completeView full post »

I dig cottage life.

Thanks to our friend Gary’s office lottery win, we were able to spend the hottest weekend of the summer (July 14-View full post »

Dinners from Around the World: Italian Edition

On Saturday night the crew headed out for our latest, impromptu, and very long-overdue, DFATW. Destination: The BlackView full post »

31 and Fabulous!

Our dear friend Michelle “Shelley” Nichols turns 31 today. Shelly, I hope your day (and evening) is 100%View full post »

A request fulfilled.

Last night as we watched our Ottawa Senators lose a game they should have won (not because of how they were playing, butView full post »

As he scampered off I think I heard a faint “Free at last!”…

Last night we had to say goodbye to an old friend.  I have to admit, it wasn’t easy.  Dan came upstairs andView full post »

The 395 day old beer.

Congratulations go out to Jason Wiens, originally of Drake, Saskatchewan, for graciuosly consuming the oldest beer I&#View full post »

OAFE Award – Kris Peterson, Blogger extraordinaire*!

I know it is almost too soon for another OAFE, but I felt that this had to be said. Kris Peterson (a.k.a. Krissy, forView full post »


Yo, this is mark.  I’m not sure if I need to introduce myself, since I think the only people who regularly readView full post »

March is a busy birthday month

I was once well known for my birthday-remembering skills.  I was awesome.  Untouchable, in fact.  I was the go-to galView full post »

The first Mexican Fiesta of 2006

And what a success it was! I no longer question why fiesta rhymes with siesta – it seems they go hand in hand.View full post »

red wine and turkey …

– Turkey #1 fell to our voracious appetites last night. Let all turkeys in the land be served notice that it willView full post »