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Sign of the apocalypse #34

Have you heard of anything fatter?View full post »

OAFE award: chocolate milk

I was recently looking through the few columns I’ve posted, and noticed something disturbing.  25% of my columnView full post »

Pickles can be used to show you care.

I like pickles more than the average bloke. Relish (a pickle derivative) is one of my favourite condiments, and a niceView full post »

Muffins are an excuse to eat cake for breakfast.

Tim Horton’s nutrition guide lets us in on a secret that MUFFINS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW! Tim’s RaisinView full post »

A site worth mentioning.

If you have any interest in food and all the health benefits that come with eating certain foods, then you may want toView full post »

Dinners from Around the World: Italian Edition

On Saturday night the crew headed out for our latest, impromptu, and very long-overdue, DFATW. Destination: The BlackView full post »

OAFE Award – Bringing the Homestead Tradition to Your Table

Michelle Nichols has a secret. No, no, not that secret. Another one. I wouldn’t dare tell that one. Michelle isView full post »

CIBC and Glasses of Baileys

Let me preface this rant by saying that I’m an engineer, with absolutely no marketing training and only a vagueView full post »

The 395 day old beer.

Congratulations go out to Jason Wiens, originally of Drake, Saskatchewan, for graciuosly consuming the oldest beer I&#View full post »

I can’t wait.

May your weekend be long and chocolate-filled.  Happy Easter to you.View full post »

Slow cooker bbq ribs!

What more is there really to be said? Also, painting wasn’t all that bad. It may have been something to do with meView full post »

they’re meatless

This year, Shannen’s mom pointed out that this is the 3rd year in a row that I will be sharing Christmas Eve withView full post »

red wine and turkey …

– Turkey #1 fell to our voracious appetites last night. Let all turkeys in the land be served notice that it willView full post »