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It smells OK …

… ever wonder whether leftovers from Saturday are still OK to eat for lunch Tuesday? full post »

Our new reality.

Jaia has eczema.  It started very early on in her life, but only became a serious problem in the spring of 2008.  It&#View full post »

Before we forget – August 28th

Dan and I are very lucky.  Though we haven’t worried much about it, we always wondered if Jaia would be a goodView full post »


Dan travels to Asia for work.  Not all of us can claim the same.  My work trips have taken me to far less exotic likeView full post »

More milestones.

Today we saw another first as a family.  In the springtime, as a kid, one of my absolute favourite things was to visitView full post »

OAFe – Patak’s Vindaloo Curry Paste

I am fairly new to the world of spicy foods.  I never liked them, could never handle them and never understood whyView full post »

That time of year again…

Nope, not Christmas, though the aisles and aisles of decorations at any of your local big box stores (for those of us inView full post »

Anti-OAFE – Terra Grill

Restaurant meals have been few and far between since Jaia’s arrival. It was easier when she slumbered peacefullyView full post »


Japanese enjoying new cucumber-flavoured Pepsi.View full post »

Is this lazy or genius?

I can’t decide … Peanut Butter SlicesView full post »

OAFE Award: PC Papa Panini Sandwich Press

Every Christmas I am spoiled by my loved ones, and this one, despite my efforts to change the pattern, was no exceptionView full post »

As seen on Scrubs this past Friday night …

(Yes, we were watching Scrubs on a Friday night). Turk: I cannot believe you are freaking out about this! It’s aView full post »

Turkey Turkey Turkey.

I’ve written before about favourite holiday foods and my attempts to replicate them. This weekend will be my firstView full post »

OAFE Award: Farm Boy Pecan Pumpkin Pie

In the past, people have tried to take things that ‘go together’ and package them that way, rather thanView full post »

Sign of the apocalypse #81

Recent Sota’s have been food related. I must diversify. However, I can’t let this go …View full post »