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Canada's birthday.

We stayed close to home this year. It was the first of many that boasted phenomenal weather and we took full advantageView full post »

First of many?

The first bouquet of flowers, handpicked by Jaia for her mama.  I hope this is the first of many.  That kid reallyView full post »

Fancy Schmancy.

Last Friday was awesome.  My awesome sister-in-law was here and my awesome friend (and neighbour for only a few moreView full post »

Unwelcome visitor.

This morning, as I was in the shower and sudsing the shampoo into my hair, I noticed a spider sitting beside my loofahView full post »

The price we girls pay…

Most women love shoes.  Some more than others (not me), but even the ones who don’t love shoes, love the lookView full post »

She likes books.

From very early on, I have tried to make books a huge part of Jaia’s life.  Both Dan and I love to read (though IView full post »

Day 347 – One more sleep.

We are all (Humph and the cats too) excited for Dan’s return tomorrow.  Especially Jaia.  She can’t waitView full post »