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Our trip could be summed up like this: Dan and I went to San Diego.  Without kids.  It was glorious but cold.

I haven’t posted any news or pics of our trip because, in all honesty, there’s just too much to share and little time to sit down and type it out.  We kept busy, saw all the sights we needed to see (and some we didn’t) and literally enjoyed the hell out of ourselves for 5 full days.

Let’s take a step back.  Jaia was born in December 2006.  November 2006 was the last time my husband and I travelled anywhere without kids, (and this trip even included my sister, who was also visiting Las Vegas at the same time as we were.)  So, needless to say, it was long overdue.

My parents graciously (and excitedly) offered to watch Jaia and Wes while Dan and I flew across the country together.  Alone!  And if it wasn’t for the fact that Jaia packed her bags 6 weeks early in anticipation, I may not have been so keen on leaving them.  But they were in fantastic hands and I was in need of a getaway.  A few days of sleeping in.  A few days of finishing books that have been left sitting for months.  A few days of relaxing.  Of enjoying walks out with my husband.  Of dinners at 8 pm and breakfasts at 10.

And San Diego delivered.  It’s definitely a pretty city.  And very oddly, with a small town feel.  Maybe it was because we were staying right downtown in the Gaslamp District, but everything just felt…close.  And walkable.

And holy, did we ever walk.  There haven’t been many vacations that Dan and I have taken together that we haven’t had access to a car.  On this one, we didn’t want it.  And the Band-Aid company profited.  I bought 2 boxes while there.  So worth it though.  And it helped worked off all the food we consumed ALL. DAY. LONG.  I blame the 3 hour time difference but really, I just like food.  And beer.  San Diego had great beer.

I could get used to living so close to the ocean…

(Notice the Band-Aid).

Does it get better than hearing the waves crash and breathing in the clean, crisp ocean air?  Do people who were born and raised in this part of California realize how lucky they are?

Stay classy, San Diego.  We’ll be back some day…


November 14, 2011 - 12:39 pm

Dan - A great vacation! I’m so glad we jumped on the opportunity, and that Nana and Papoo were such willing enablers 🙂 It would have been easy to say it was too complicated, or too expensive, or too palm-tree-y. But we didn’t. Let’s decide not not to do things more often.

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