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OAFE: McAuslan Pale Ale

My beer purchases are driven by two elements: price and taste.  When price wins, I come home with James Ready or another recent favourite PC genuine lager (yes, really!).  When taste wins, the old standby has been Creemore Springs Lager (the winner of a previous OAFE).

In recent months though, McAuslan Pale Ale has taken most of Creemore’s market share.  Roughly the same color as Creemore, it’s packed full of flavor and body.  It’s brewed in Montreal, which provides the opportunity for a pilgrimage in the near future.  And while poking around their website, I discovered that they have a female brewmaster, which I would guess is rare, but have no statistics to support that opinion.

Hail, McAuslan Pale Ale, and your difficult-to-spell moniker.  I shall imbibe you tomorrow in celebration of our country’s birthday and your Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence!

July 2, 2008 - 2:42 pm

contributor mark - yeah, it’s good.

in other beer news, American craft beers are going to slowly start appearing at the LCBO, which is awesome. Maybe it’ll eventually lead to the end of this weirdly patriotic “american beer is weak crap water” silliness.

initial offering:
Southern Tier IPA
Anchor Steam
Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Dogfish head 60 Minute IPA

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