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#dailygram – Canada Day 2013

For over 20 years, these kids’ moms and I have celebrated most of our Canada Days together.  And now, our kidsView full post »

Dionisms collects Bushisms, where George W.’s less-than-eloquent moments are captured for posterity. “IView full post »

Dual Citizenship

It’s pretty clear to me that the Prime Minister of Canada should be a citizen of Canada only. This would be trueView full post »

If irony was lethal …

… I’d be dead. National Chief of Assembly of First Nations: “Any action that elevates the status ofView full post »

The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Ever Seen – a Review

With no new baby news from Shannen in awhile, and with Dan finally deciding to give up betting on football (a wise moveView full post »

Lest we forget.

The Battle of Vimy RidgeView full post »

As if!

My blast from the past is broken.  Well, it’s actually that the website the theme songs came from doesn’tView full post »

Blast from my past.

Recently, my friend Ben and I came across a website that listed a bunch of old TVO shows from the late 1970’s &#View full post »

Canada’s not this bad. Yet.

Hospital in the UK fined for treating patients too quickly.View full post »

The long weekend that wasn’t.

May Long Weekend (May two-four to Ontarioans, regardless of what dates it falls on. I know – weird.) has usuallyView full post »

Where have you gone, Mr. Stroumboulopoulos?

Like many people my age, I laughed at the idea of the Muchmusic VJ search, watched an episode out of pure boredom oneView full post »

Where’s the apostrophe?

Taken from a daily investment newsletter I receive from Canaccord Capital … For those who don’t know, theView full post »

Way to go, Boys!

What a pleasure it was to be home early enough on Friday to watch the Men’s Curling Final in action. The game wasView full post »

Torino 2006. I couldn’t be more excited.

Those who know me well know that I love the Olympics. Especially the winter Olympics. No matter the event, I find myselfView full post »