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A case for slowing down…

When Wesley started kindergarten in September, I made the heartbreaking (for me) decision to go back to work, full-timeView full post »

#dailygram – The Georgetown Tackle

A lessor known dance move, but a favourite nonetheless.View full post »

#dailygram – Daddy dressed them.

After bath last night, Dan suggested he and the kids go for a walk while I was out running errands.  I am veryView full post »

Little Chef Night

My kids love having something to look forward to.  Some weeks are so jam-packed with activities, visits and specialView full post »

This kid.

Jaia wouldn’t have known mischief if it walked up and bit her at 2 or 3.  Even now.  But Wes, well, Wes is aView full post »

Eating Oreos

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted a cute little saying about cleaning with kids being like brushing your teethView full post »


At the end of the year I will certainly not get the certificate for least days missed here on the blog.  Does such aView full post »

Snack attack…

With Jaia off to full day school, snack time around these parts is bound to change.  But what won’t change are myView full post »

Just reminding myself…

…that they love each other. On the days when they are trying to plot each other’s demise, I need to rememberView full post »

Tree Hugger

Quite literally. My little gal takes after her mama.  She recycles and composts everything she can.  She’sView full post »

New uses for old things.

I love finding new uses for everyday items. We have two very short people living with us right now, and therefore weView full post »


Early morning arts and crafts.  One of the few moments of peace and quiet during the day.  Ahhhh….View full post »