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Frozen Solid

I never realized how down in the dumps I am by February/early March until I feel that first warm breeze as SpringView full post »

Waiting impatiently

We are on day 4 or 5 of a deep freeze.  It is almost the end of January and still weeks away from any kind of realView full post »

Me, only older.

Yesterday was my birthday.  Calories didn’t count, I took guilt-free time to workout, and the kids were sneakingView full post »

Winter has arrived!

I was abducted by aliens.  That’s the only explanation that makes any sense.  It’s more likely than aView full post »

Disappearing warmth

As the Prairies continue to dig themselves out of a giant snowfall, we are still enjoying dry roads and green grass inView full post »

Almost time.

Summer is amazing.  Warm, sunshiny and generally lovely. But as the calendar rolls into September, every year, I startView full post »

Wishing for a little of this…

It is DRY around here.  That beautiful green grass you see above is brown and crispy and painful to walk across in bareView full post »

Far and Away…

While Dan worked fingers to the bone at home, the kids and I took a trip to visit Nana and Papoo.  It had nothing to doView full post »

Vitamin D

When the sun shines, we eat it up.  Especially on a warm(ish) day.  Vitamin D really does the body good. Pass it on. &View full post »

Hello, Winter Blues.

February 11.  I made it this long without the ridiculous whining that you normally expect from me at this time of theView full post »

Making the most of a beautiful day

We are not planning to spend one single second inside today.View full post »

Day 356 – Weekend re-do.

I have been complaining for MONTHS about the weather.  Winter was long and crappy and I’m ready for sunshine andView full post »

Day 284 – Longing for warmer days

There’s been a lot of this around these parts.  Spring, we are anxiously awaiting your arrival.View full post »

Happiness is…

I’m glad we chose to spend a few hours in the sun enjoying the warm breeze the day before tomorrow when they’View full post »

(Good) Friday Goodness.

Ok, so this week’s edition of Friday Goodness is a day late but it was chock full of so much goodness that I hadView full post »