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How’s the weather?

Before I came home to Victoria, Ottawa’s weather was nothing short of lovely, and Victoria’s weather wasView full post »

Kamping at the KOA

Do you enjoy kamping, but sometimes feel like the preparation needed for an all-out excursion is just too much for oneView full post »

WestJet, I love you.

It’s expensive to fly within Canada.  I’ve priced it out myself, and at certain times of year you can flyView full post »

Everyone’s a winner. Except you.

We were exhausted when we got back on Tuesday, and couldn’t even muster up energy to write about it Wednesday. AndView full post »

“Hello Nanyang” … “Nanyang”

Shenzhen, ~10 million people, nowhere close to downtown: Nanyang, ~10 million people, downtown: Number of flights perView full post »

Boycott North Korean Products!

That’ll teach them. I’m on my way to China for a week on Friday. I hope to add to my collection of MaoView full post »

Washroom revolt.

After piling ourselves and Humphrey into the car, we set off at 4pm on Friday for a good 9-10 hour drive to Virginia. WeView full post »

On the road again…

After a very successful and and, as always, too-short visit to Virginia, we are on our way home. The worst part of theView full post »

Vegas, baby!

I consider myself (and Shannen and I as a team) good at managing our money. The last few years, most excess money hasView full post »

Travel sites and the relentless march of technology

I like booking travel. I like digging around online, playing with options to find the absolute best deal. I book my ownView full post »

The decline of Detroit

Detroit was my first taste of Americana, though I’ve never been there. For reasons I can only guess at,View full post »

I like my in-laws.

We had a great Canada Day Long Weekend at the 1st Annual Murphy Family Reunion, in Blue Mountains, ON (near CollingwoodView full post »

Inside the curtain

China may be “communist”, but you’d never know it. Consumerism is rampant, private property isView full post »

Apologetically unblogged

I’ve been very absent lately. I complain when others don’t update their blogs regularly, and then I fall offView full post »

Ni hao from Fuzhou

Greetings from China. Mao says hello with a wave. I’m experiencing all you’d expect: Interesting foods,View full post »