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One year ago today…

It was cold and I had no warm clothes.  It was raining and I had no umbrella.  And yet, it was one of the greatestView full post »

Snow More.

There was a snow storm in Virginia almost 2 weeks ago.  It crippled the area.  Businesses were closed for a week, andView full post »


I can’t blame this on being lazy about uploading and posting my Paris photos, I just took so many that theView full post »

Paris – so far…

So, here we are at the end of the 4th day and I finaly found A) an internet café and B) an English keyboard.  Both areView full post »

The downside…

I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m not yet mentally prepared to leave Jaia for that long.  Yes, she’s homeView full post »

Silver Lining.

Last week sucked.  Who knew you could so much crappy stuff could happen all at once.  I’m glad we are into a newView full post »

Missing the warm weather already.

We were robbed of a decent summer.  Our fall *kinda* made up for it, but now that I’m having to leave the houseView full post »

Before we forget – August 31st

We are cottaging in the the Poconos. Out of all of us, Humphrey and Bella (or Hunny and Bada, as Jaia calls them), areView full post »

Third farm on the left.

I don’t know if it’s the people, the history, the stories Dan tells or the beauty of it all, but I can countView full post »

Home for a rest…

The very long-awaited wedding week of 2008 has come and gone. It was so packed with adventures and action, that I’View full post »

Sadly, we are back. And it’s snowing again.

If we could wrangle Dan and take him to Virginia, I’m not sure we’d come back.  Especially not when ourView full post »

And the countdown begins…

With all of the holiday/double birthday excitement over and becoming a distant memory and the Fullerton cold seasonView full post »


My work travel has been fairly light since Jaia’s arrival, which has been great.  It’s tough leaving theView full post »

We’re back again

…and again we have no luggage.  It’s the second trip in a row that Air Canada has lost our luggage.  LastView full post »

One (Giant) Red Paperclip

It already feels like forever since we left our trip, and here I am finally posting – right before we leave on theView full post »