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At the cottage…

A couple of weeks ago we headed to the cottage with two other families.  We had never done that before – anView full post »

Terry Fox Run 2011

Dan and I spent the summer prepping, fundraising for and sweating about The Ride the Rideau.  In fact, I put veryView full post »

Help Support Cancer Research

Fresh off of Shannen’s 10K performance, we’ve set another goal – Ride the Rideau – a 100km bikeView full post »

My take.

Rather than go through a minute by minute replay (which would take you 70 minutes to read) I thought I’d shareView full post »

And she’s off!

Before: I’m proud of Shannen for setting a Big Hairy Goal (BHG) and following through.  See you at the finishView full post »

behind enemy lines

Hello. This is Mark. I’m currently in Germany, doing some work that won’t interest anyone reading this.View full post »


Daddy goes to one Jets game and Jaia switches from a Browns fan to a Jets fan. Go Jets!View full post »

Shannen knows Football

In frustration at my lack of success at picking winners, I had Shannen choose my Football Pool picks last weekend. IView full post »

Hahaha … crap.

I bought my Football Pools ticket this morning. You pick the winners of all 14 games this weekend, and if you’reView full post »

Turkey Turkey Turkey.

I’ve written before about favourite holiday foods and my attempts to replicate them. This weekend will be my firstView full post »

A new Sunday obession.

I’ve never been a football fan. I like playing it, and I’ve been to a Rider game or two, but I’veView full post »

To make you feel lazy … again.

It’s one thing to run a marathon a day. It’s an entirely different thing to run a marathon while juggling.View full post »

To make you feel lazy.

Dan: 0 marathons in 11101 days This guy: 48 marathons in the past 47 days I’m sure I have him beat in the “View full post »


Number of years Dan and I have been together: 4 Number of years Dan has played on his office softball team: 3 Number ofView full post »

My sister is nuts.

As part of her 4th of July plans, my sister and her boyfriend up and decided to go skydiving. She claims it wasView full post »