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OAFE: McAuslan Pale Ale

My beer purchases are driven by two elements: price and taste.  When price wins, I come home with James Ready orView full post »

The morning after.

I admit it.  Yesterday was tough.  I haven’t purposely missed a day and night out for St. Paddy’s Day inView full post »

Woods: you are so not pulling your weight.

Nichols: Malt allergy schmalt allergy.  You’re a disappointment to the team. Weins: as you were. Beer consumptionView full post »

American beer = not crap

For pretty much my whole life, I’ve been lead to believe that all beer made in Canada is strong, delicious, andView full post »

Near beer.

I never thought one of the things I would miss most after becoming pregnant would be beer.  But then I guess I’veView full post »

The long weekend that wasn’t.

May Long Weekend (May two-four to Ontarioans, regardless of what dates it falls on. I know – weird.) has usuallyView full post »