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Day 31 – Pride

Jaia’s Auntie Nissa graduated from high school today.  Jaia was so proud of her.  We all were.  CongratulationsView full post »


This one was courtesy of Dan who was outside with Jaia enjoying the afternoon sunshine.  This kid could not have beenView full post »

Missing boys found in … Kipling

Zachary Miller, the 10-year old boy kidnapped by known pedophile Peter Whitmore, has been found in Kipling. As of thisView full post »

Red paperclip update

Check out this ebay post. Why don’t people bid on my zany posts? And stay updated on their move to Kipling at KyleView full post »

Kipling and Red Paperclips.

Remember the guy who started out with a red paperclip to trade, with the eventual goal of trading up to a house? Well,View full post »