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Grumpy cat – Christmas style

Roxy may never be famous for it, but man is she grumpy.  Even at Christmas time.View full post »

#dailygram – The Georgetown Tackle

A lessor known dance move, but a favourite nonetheless.View full post »


Part of the problem of having a camera on you ALL. THE. TIME. is the infinite amount of pictures that I take on a dailyView full post »

Picnic a la Jaia

Wes loves his sister’s cooking …View full post »

She cracks me up.

“Mama, is there something on my face?”View full post »

Day 332 – Thinking outside the box

Instead of putting on a bib (bibs are for babies – are we seeing a trend around here?), Little Miss decided sheView full post »

All in a day….

Last week Jaia and I had a big, big day.  I had an early doctor’s appointment, we had some errands to run in theView full post »

I've created a monster

In around March, Jaia started singing the ABC song.  Sometimes she’d miss a few letters, but she nailed it moreView full post »


I could explain, but a picture is worth a thousand words.View full post »

Potty time. All the time.

I’ve been meaning to post this for some time now, but I was too afraid to jinx it.  Jaia is officially pottyView full post »