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Baby Pool Winner!

Belated congratulations go out to Katie Avery, with a guess of 8 lbs 7 oz! Starbucks goodness is on its way to you. ItView full post »

Day 3 – Happy Nana

… and a bonus Jaia video:View full post »

Frank Pool Update

Last chance to pllllace your bets!  Frank arrives in 4 short sleeps! *** Edit 2010-05-10 to add latest guesses! ***View full post »

Big Sister Party

Soon enough Jaia will become a big sister.  A real big sister.  She’s been talking about it for months and it isView full post »

Caution: Cuteness Overload

You’ve been warned.  A couple of my Etsy purchases have arrived and I’m thrilled, thrilled, thrilled withView full post »

Frank Pool

Here’s the pool so far. Place your bets! (Also let me know if you want the data analyzed in a different way toView full post »


We are under the 30 day mark.   As it sinks in, it’s freaking me out a little, but other than the enormous bellyView full post »

Gearing up…

Have you noticed?  In the last month or so I’ve posted more than I had in the previous 8 months or so.  There&#View full post »

Perfectly flawed.

I’m rarely in pictures.  And even more rarely will I post them.  But there was something about this one that wasView full post »

Valentine's Week

This morning Jaia and I got up early and prepared to go to a daytime Valentine’s Party with a bunch of her friendsView full post »

Baby bumps

We have news!  We’re expecting number 2!   I’m 17 weeks along and enjoying a fantastic pregnancy.  We&#View full post »