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Welcome to your Carlsberg years, Dan-o.

I’ve been waiting about 446 days for this.  It’s about damn time.  View full post »

tick, tock, tick, tock…

Do you hear that Dan?  It’s the sound of your twenties slipping away………………&#View full post »

Today is my lucky day.

Today is awesome. Here’s why: 1. My gorgeous niece turns two today. I found out about her arrival late one nightView full post »

Hey Little Lady……..

On Humphrey’s first walk through the Glebe last weekend, we happened upon the cutest little thing. At first glanceView full post »

Introdroducing the newest Fullerton

Well, it seems the internet serves us well. We may have found the best dog in the world to take into our already crowdedView full post »

Welcome to Catville, population: you.

A dog provisionally named Humphrey is eagerly awaiting our trip to the Petawawa SPCA on Saturday morning to pick him upView full post »

The first Mexican Fiesta of 2006

And what a success it was! I no longer question why fiesta rhymes with siesta – it seems they go hand in hand.View full post »

Beige is the new pink

So I figured that it was time for an update. A painting update, that is. Dan poked obvious fun at me a few posts back,View full post »

Holy shutter speed, Batman!

Being new to the world of DSLR cameras, I was completely unaware of the power they possess. This is especially trueView full post »

Operation Snowman

Despite all efforts to convince my family to join me outside for snow angels and snowman-building, everyone (politely)View full post »

For a good time…

So, as Dan mentioned, I (we, but mostly me) received an early Christmas present – a new camera! I’m veryView full post »

That sounded a lot like a challenge!

Dan put a lot of time setting up this new and improved homepage, so I thought I should throw him a bone. So here I am,View full post »