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She was born on the very last day of the year, which makes her the youngest in her class, of  all her friends, andView full post »


Yesterday I started a post about how we thought it was time to transition out of afternoon naps. I talked about how WesView full post »

September 27.

There are not many things I’ve done in my life consistently for 10 years.  I’ve certainly not lived in theView full post »

First Day of School 2012

So it came.  I talked about my anxiety and my excitement about today here and here.  Grade One and the first day ofView full post »

Wishing for a little of this…

It is DRY around here.  That beautiful green grass you see above is brown and crispy and painful to walk across in bareView full post »

Not Wes.

Nope, but it is clear who he gets his hairstyle  from. Hello, little boy Dan.  View full post »

To my girl…

A letter to you, at five. Jaia, you are five years old.  You are no longer a little baby, a toddler or even aView full post »

Just reminding myself…

…that they love each other. On the days when they are trying to plot each other’s demise, I need to rememberView full post »

What age are you?

Age has never been a big deal to me.  Or at least getting older hasn’t.  I was born in January, which makes meView full post »

Summer Bucket List – 2012

Since spring arrived a few weeks ago and then went back into hiding, I thought I would try to get into the mindset andView full post »


Wesley copies everything Jaia does.  Everything.  So, she takes advantage and teaches him things she shouldn’t.View full post »


Sometimes the day holds no other plans.  Sometimes the kids are eager to get out.  Sometimes the weather isView full post »

Sweet sounds…

My kids have mastered bickering.  And tattling.  And complaining about either not sharing.  Some days it’s fromView full post »


Jaia had a doctor’s appointment today. With two kids on different schedules, you visit the doctor fairly often.  View full post »